Buy an ounce of silver with Bitcoins


Q: How many coins can I buy?
A: Only one at a time currently

Q: Why do you only sell single coins?
A: To keep things simple and find our feet in the bitcoin marketpace

Q: Why would I want to buy silver anyway?
A: Metals like gold and silver have historically protected people from high inflation.

Q: Does the Canadian silver maple have any collector value at all?
A: Not really. Its just a way of taking possession of one troy ounce of silver that is 99.99% pure.

Q: Do you sell other types of coins ?
A: Not at the moment.

Q: Why do you want to stay anonymous?
A: We think Bitcoins are fantastic and are likely to change the world in a big way. We also think it likely that some governments will outlaw the use of them in the near future and clampdown on any businesses thats has been using them. It is for that reason we wish to remain anonymous for the time being.

Q: What if I have problems and need to talk to someone?
A: You can communicate with us through email. In some circumstances we can call you or give you a number to call us on.

Q: You say I can only buy one coin at a time, but could I do many separate payments each for a single coin
A: Yes but only up to a limit of 5 coins per address on a single day.

Q: I want to buy a gold coin or silver in quantity is that a service you can provide?
A: We may sell you a single gold Krugerrand but not silver in quantity at the moment. (email us for more detail)

Q: How can I trust you?
A: You just have to trust us simple as that. We want to build our reputation and we will live or die by recommendations or bad feedback so we will do our very best to provide the most professional and efficient service we can.

Q: I still don't trust you
A: You can choose to use an escrow service called that will only release your funds to us once you have received your coin (if you would like to use this escrow service add 1 bitcoin to the "todays price" in your order email.)

Q: Won't my coin get lost or stolen in the post?
A: Very rarely, (no lost coins to date 30/05/11) We send via standard first class to the UK and by Royal mail Airsure to Europe. The coin is packaged so it cannot be felt through the packaging by anyone handling it. If you require more security use the clearcoin escrow service as mentioned above.

Q: Don't I have to pay VAT or another tax when buying silver?
A: As bitcoins are not currently defined by law as a currency you are not officially buying silver, you are just swopping bitcoins for silver.

Q: Do you accept dollars, paypal, bank transfers etc for silver coins?
A: No we will only take bitcoins.

Q: Where do you deliver to?
A: Worldwide with free shipping.

Q: Can I request a coin with a particular date?
A: No, sorry.

Q: You seem expensive compared to the spot price?
A: You will always pay a premium over spot unless you're buying 400oz LBMA bars.

Q: I have some Silver Maples/ Krugers, do you want to buy them with BTC?
A: If the price is right yes. Please email us.